Renew Membership by Mail

To renew your membership by mail, send your renewal check and donation to Judy Sullivan, 64 Avondale Road, Asheville, NC 28803 and fill out the Volunteer Questionnaire here. Please let us know if your contact info has changed as the questionnaire will serve as your renewal form.

Important: designation of membership/donation $ needs to be on check | $30 General | $50 Professional |  $60 Institutional | $100 Corporate | Donation Amount

(Checks should be made out to Asheville Area Piano Forum)

To renew online, click here.



Membership Categories:

General  $30:
• Access to private membership information
• Participation in our Email Group
• Student Participation in Recitals, Competitions, and Master Classes
• Participation in Performance Groups
• Attendance at AAPF events
• Support of AAPF mission through your membership fees

Professional  $50: Gives you the same privileges as General Member plus:
• The opportunity to request Student Assistance
• AAPF marketing of your studio information via publications, ads, posters, and online.
• The advantage of advertising online in “Find a Professional” section of website
• The opportunity to advertise your concerts and events via

Corporate  $100:
• Online Advertising on Corporate Membership page
• Advertising through “Find a Professional” page
• Listing of corporate website/logo in “Links” and company page
• Posting of Corporate/School information Fall Concert Program
• Discount on Ad in Fall & Spring Programs
• Posting of CEO’s bio and advertisement on website

Institutional  $60:
• Enjoys the same privileges as the Corporate member but pays a Non-Profit rate for

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