Adult Amateur Performance Group

AAPF’s Adult Amateur Performance Group is dedicated to amateur players who love the piano and would like to gather periodically with other like-minded amateurs for a couple of hours to socialize, talk about the joys and challenges of studying the piano as adults, and try their hand at performing in front of others who are probably equally nervous about doing so. We strive to have a fun, relaxed, and supportive environment, with light refreshments provided by the hosts.

Although these groups are for AAPF members, many adult students don’t get an opportunity to play in recitals. So we invite teachers to also inform their non-AAPF adult students about the group. We would hope that if those students enjoy their first experience they could become members of the AAPF and continue attending.

Please contact  if you would like more information about these Amateur Performance Groups or if you would like to host one of our group meetings.

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