Performance Group Guidelines

Purpose for holding Performance Groups
To provide opportunities for members of AAPF to prepare for upcoming performances and to share music with peers in a nonjudgmental environment.

General Format of Performance Groups
The groups are usually held in AAPF members' homes or business locations on a monthly basis. The expectation is that the groups may last between one and a maximum of two hours in duration. The groups may be held more frequently and in the summer if there is sufficient member interest.

Guidelines for Performers and Attenders of AAPF Performance Groups

  1. Space and time limitations for each group will be ascertained by the current AAPF performance group chairperson in consultation with the host for the group.
  2. Priority in playing time will be given to those members who are currently preparing for concert appearance.
  3. Priority in seating will be given to performing members and then to members who would like to attend as listeners.
  4. Because the performers are often playing works in progress, and as such are not necessarily recital-ready, the groups are intended as a members only activity of the AAPF. Rare exceptions to this policy may be sanctioned by the performance group chairperson or by the host.
  5. The expectation is that performers and those in attendance will plan to stay for the entire length of the performance group, if at all possible.
  6. Performers will not receive critical review by those in attendance unless they have specifically asked for that kind of feed-back from listeners.

Suggested for non-professional members of AAPF
The Forum welcomes the participation of our non-professional and student members in the performance groups. The Performance Committee recommends that all participants choose pieces for performance which are at an appropriate level of difficulty according to the member's ability and musical understanding. It may be advisable for non-professional members to seek consultation with, or consider taking instruction from, one of the many experienced piano teachers who are members of the Piano Forum as they consider repertoire for performance. We want our members to have a positive experience performing for one another.

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